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Product - Injection Fuel Pump (Brushed DC Motor)

Injection Fuel Systems : In this system by means of a fuel pump , fuel is supplied & pressurized at a constant pressure in fuel rail above the inlet manifold. By using PWM the fuel injectors will inject according to the order sent by Engine control unit ( ECU ). As pressure is set at a constant value , the longer time interval injector open, the more fuel will be entered to the cylinder. One of the most important components in this system is fuel pump assembly. Fuel pump assembly consists of a fuel pump , sensor ( sending unit ) & Brackets , for keeping together. Noavaran Sooyab Sanat is expert in design & manufacturing of variety types of fuel pump.
Specifications of brushed fuel pump : ( Common Type )
Nominal Voltage : 12v
Nominal Pressure : 3.1 kgf/cm^2
Nominal Current : 4-5A
Nominal flow rate : 90-100 l/h
Cut of Pressure : 4.5-6.5 kgf/cm^2


Injection Fuel Pump
Injection Fuel Pump